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Wall Street Shocks Jon Stewart


Our research has found an alarming thing: Thirty of America's biggest corporations actually spent more on lobbying than they did in taxes — Wells Fargo, General Electric, FedEx and Mattel. [1]

This finding was alarming enough that Elizabeth Warren mentioned it on a recent Daily Show appearance (skip to 3:10), and received a thunderous gasp from Jon Stewart's audience.

Yet Speaker Boehner won't even allow a vote to close the loopholes that could save us the $120 billion we lose every year to abuse of corporate tax loopholes. We're calling on him to stop stalling.

Check out the clip from the Daily Show, and call on Speaker Boehner to bring the top Tax Haven Abuse Act to a vote.

We call these worst corporate tax dodgers — including giants like GE, Wells Fargo, Verizon and Dupont — the "Dirty Thirty." In fact, all but one of these companies actually paid no federal taxes at all, and actually received a tax rebate from the federal government!

Check out this clip, send it to your friends, and then sign our message to Speaker Boehner. We want to keep the pressure on and get our message out far and wide.