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Our generation has some big challenges to tackle - from global warming to the rising cost of college, from homelessness to our collapsing health care system. It won't be easy, but by acting together we can find solutions.

With your WashPIRG internship you will make a real impact on these issues by learning the basics of running a campaign - recruiting and training volunteers, generating grassroots support, building coalitions, organizing large events, and basic lobbying.

Meet new people, get involved in your community, try something new, learn important skills, and make a difference on the issues that matter.

WashPIRG Core Meetings - Wednesdays 6PM- Savery 156! 

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Holly Thorpe WashPIRG Board Chair


WashPIRG Students

If you aren't looking for an internship, come hang out with us in SB-255 - the door requires a code, but just knock or leave a message for us!