Students at University of Washington gearing up for Earth Day 2020

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[Remotely, Washington] – April 20, 2020 – On April 24th, 2020, Americans will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day a little differently.

WASHPIRG Students at the University of Washington is planning to host five events and engage hundreds of students in their campaigns to put Wildlife Over Waste, Save the Bees, and promote 100% Renewable Energy.  

The WASHPIRG Students chapter is planning a Wildlife Over Waste remote trivia night and releasing infographics for at-home use of your recyclables, a Protect our Pollinators Workshop to discuss bee-friendly native plant gardens and actions we can take as a university, and a remote trash clean-up and brand audit to identify companies that produce the most single-use items that get littered. They are also organizing a Climate Change Teach-In, lining up professors to discuss climate change in their virtual classes on Earth Day. Finally, they are documenting all their events through photos and videos to share on social media to educate even more students on the need to protect the environment. 

“The environmental movement has made important progress in the last 50 years, and young people have played a major part every step of the way,” said Madison Moore, sophomore, Wildlife Over Waste Campaign Co-Coordinator. “Between the climate crisis, massive bee die-offs, and the plastic crisis, our generation faces some of the biggest global environmental challenges yet.”

Thousands of national, state, and local organizations and volunteers will be the driving force behind Earth Day 2020. Nationally, the Student Public Interest Research Groups are hosting over 50 events next week to engage students across the country on environmental issues.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of only addressing one crisis at a time,” said junior Allison Kirste, WashPIRG Chapter Chair. “With less than a decade to solve global warming the Environmental Protection Agency has loosened car efficiency standards and suspended enforcement of key provisions of our nation’s environmental laws. Now more than ever, we need young people to act.”

Founded in 1970, the first Earth Day mobilized millions of Americans to take action for clean air, clean water, and protecting open spaces. This nationwide activation resulted in the passage of some of the most important environmental legislation in the United States like the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act, and helped launch the modern environmental movement.

For more information about each event and how to sign up to volunteer remotely, email [email protected].

Since 1971, the Student PIRGs have played a major role in preserving our clean air, clean water, and open spaces. Leading up to Earth Day, students celebrated their top 50 campaign victories in anticipation for the 50th anniversary.

For inquiries about the Student PIRGs’ national Earth Day events in 9 states please contact: Dan Xie, Student PIRGs Political Director, [email protected], 858-353-1452.