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Seattle City Council Votes to Ban Plastic Bags!


Congratulations!  Seattle City Council voted to ban plastic bags citywide. 

Plastic pollution in Puget Sound harms wildlife because animals can ingest plastic bags, choke on it them or be harmed by toxins. Last year, a beached grey whale was found in West Seattle with 20 plastic bags in its stomach, highlighting this terrible problem.


Julie Masura from the University of Washington Tacoma’s Center for Urban Waters has researched plastic debris in Puget Sound. “Every environmental sample I have collected from surface waters and beach sediment has contained a form of plastic,” said Masura.


“Reducing consumption of single use plastic bags is something that we all can do and that we know will have an immediate and direct benefit to the health of Puget Sound and to all the world's oceans and coasts,” said Jody Kennedy of the Surfrider Foundation.


WashPIRG worked with groups like Environment Washington and the Surfrider Foundation to gain support in Seattle for a bag ban.  Together, the groups gathered hundreds of public comments, and the campaign was endorsed by more than 70 businesses.  Olympia, Lake Forest Park, and Mukilteo are also actively pursuing a ban on disposable plastic bags.   


WashPIRG collected 1300 petition signatures from UW students in the Winter term to ban bags in Seattle.  Thanks to your support we won!

Now we're working to ban plastic bags statewide.