We all know that burning oil, gas, and coal has polluted our air, water, and land for decades – and now it’s changing the climate even faster than scientists feared it would.

We know we can have healthier communities right now and a livable future for ourselves and generations to come. But to get there, we must transform the way we produce and consume energy. 

With renewable energy sources for generating electricity expanding rapidly, reducing pollution from our transportation system is the next major hurdle we must overcome in order to tackle climate change. Transportation is the number one source of climate-change causing emissions in our state and country.  

We simply can’t solve global warming without changing how we get around.

That’s why we’re urging our state leaders in Washington to commit to making all new cars electric by 2030. 

Transitioning to electric vehicles is both necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and it’s totally achievable. Today, affordable, efficient, long-range electric vehicles are hitting the streets in record numbers, and better vehicles are coming online all the time.

California and Massachusetts have already committed to phase out the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, and the UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, and Norway are phasing out new gas cars by 2030.

It’s time for Washington to take this critical action to combat climate change and lead the way for a clean energy future for generations to come.