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Contact Name: Sarah Shames, Campus Organizer

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Every two years, the student body at Evergreen is asked to re-approve WashPIRG's funding. This provides us with a great opportunity to connect with the student body and let them know what we're about and why we're a good bunch to have around on campus. 

As we've been out and around talking to students, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about who we are, how our funding works, and how your votes will affect both our organization and Evergreen as a whole. It's extremely helpful for us to receive student feedback, so a huge thank you goes out to everyone who's taken the time to stop by and chat with us. WashPIRG exists on campus to stand up for YOU and YOUR interests and every conversation we have with you helps us do our job more effectively.

So in the spirit of election season, here are the facts about how WashPIRG's funding works and what will happen if you vote for us in the campus election!



A: One of the things that makes WashPIRG a super cool campus organization is that we're student-run and student-funded. In other words, it's all about you. Students fund WashPIRG so the students in WashPIRG can stand up for the student body. Running completely on student power guarantees that WashPIRG continues to represent the voice and the interests of the people.


A: Students fund WashPIRG by paying an $8 fee as a part of their quarterly tuition. There's no separate paperwork or process for paying this fee; it's simply included in the tuition cost. 


A: At Evergreen, WashPIRG has what's called an opt-out funding system. This means that students can "opt out" if they don't want to support WashPIRG and get their $8 fee refunded. 


A: At any time during the quarter, students can go to the student activities office on the third floor of the CAB building and fill out a fee waiver. Simply go up to the student activities front desk and ask for a WashPIRG fee waiver. Students can opt out every quarter if they choose to.


A: Student activities can only refund you for the present quarter at hand. They cannot, for example, refund you for the Fall 2014 quarter or anything earlier. Refunds for the Winter 2015 quarter are still doable. 


A: Since its inception in the 1970s, students at WashPIRG have been hiring professional organizersto help them learn about the political process and how to make change in their communities. Your fee allows us to employ our wonderful staff members, who lend us their wealth of political knowledge, connections and resources. 


A: Voting "yes" on the WashPIRG question on your ballot says "yes, I think WashPIRG should continue to be funded by the quarterly $8 tuition fee."  
Even if you're planning on voting "no", we still really encourage you to vote! In order for WashPIRG's funding to continue, 25% of the student body needs to vote EITHER yes or no on our question, so please vote either way!


A: Remember when Thurston County voted to get rid of environmentally-harmful plastic bags last year? WashPIRG helped pass that ordinance! Remember when the hazardous Hanford nuclear waste dump site got decommissioned? WashPIRG helped campaigned to shut it down! Remember last Fall when 290 Greeners were registered to vote? It couldn't have happened without WashPIRG!        

WashPIRG Evergreen is one of the oldest PIRG chapters in the country and those listed above are just some of our most recent accomplishments. All our energy, time and funds go into efforts and projects that advocate for the public interest. That means we exist to make this state, city and campus a better place for YOU! 

Our long tradition of lobbying and campaigning always aims to return democratic power to the people. In this time, when powerful private interests and big money have a lot of sway in government, our mission to serve the public is even more important. Currently, we're working on campaigns for 100% clean energy, saving antibioitcs, getting cheapter textbooks, saving the bees, helping the local homeless population, and more!

In short, when you support WashPIRG, you strengthen political efforts that advocate for YOU, the student, the consumer, the citizen. WashPIRG cares about your voice and your needs. Help us continue our work by voting "yes" to continue our funding.


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